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Peregrines Youth

Track Club

2024 Season Made possible by,
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Get to Know Us

The Peregrines Track and Field Club is designed to introduce kids to sprint, distance running and field events by providing an experience that is fun, competitive, and informative about the sport. We strive to achieve excellence by developing top-notch training programs, with an emphasis on the fundamentals and competition. We have secured the most knowledgeable, dedicated and professional all-volunteer coaching staff, many of whom have coached or competed at the highest levels of the sport. 

This will be a great experience for those kids who want to test themselves and develop their athletic capacity.  This program is based on working hard, learning about themselves and the sport and the joy of challenge and improvement.

Peregrine's Youth Track Club 2024 Season Registration is now closed.

If you have any inquiries about joining the team, send us an email.

Discover everything you need to know about the Peregrines Track Club in our handy Parent and Athlete Handbook! From club policies to meet schedules, it's your go-to resource for a successful season. Join us and soar with the Peregrines!

Meet The Coaches

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our coaching team is made up of several world-class former athletes that are dedicated to building mental and physical strength. All volunteer effort, speaks to their allegiance and persistence of character. 

We can teach it and lead it,because we’ve done it.

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